TC Thunder U16

TC Thunder U16

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Game 2 of the Surf and Slam tournament was a disappointing affair that the Thunder let slip away. Richard Pabalate picked up 3 first quarter fouls and was forced to sit much of the first half, and the result was an 11-10 deficit. The Thunder started the 3rd quarter strong and jumped to a 16-13 lead, but a critical fourth foul by Pabalate to end the 3rd quarter resulted in a 4-point play that gave the Cyclones back a 17-16 lead, and forced the Thunder’s leading score back to bench. The game was still tight withy the Cyclones up 22-21, when a critical jump ball error was given to the wrong team. The Cyclones then stretched out the lead to 31-21 and held on for a comfortable win. Despite the foul trouble, Pabalate led the Thunder with 8 points, while Koby Silva added 3.

Richarc Pabalate – 8
Koby Silva – 3
Andrew Gaspar - 2
Kristian Jordan – 2
Johan Reyes – 2
Wayne Russell - 2
BJ Sulit – 2

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